Friday, April 24, 2009

A Death Mask???

This was an interesting commission. A really nice woman named BJI met at an art show had this "death mask" done for her by lying on a kitchen counter with straws in her nose and her husband standing by holding her hand until it dried. Once she got it done and air brushed she wasn't sure what to do with it until she met me at the art show and saw a seashell bust I had on display. She happened to be the former owner of a wig shop and had some beautiful busts so brought me one and I attached the mask of her face and shelled it. It turned out quite beautifully I thought and somewhat regal so I named it "Princess BJ". When I delivered it she was laid up in bed with a very serious foot surgery so I wish her a speedy recovery and thank her for the extra busts she gave me. Check out my next blog for what I did with one of them!

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