Friday, February 13, 2009

There's hope...

I've been keeping busy creating new items for an art show in New Smyrna Beach coming up soon...but have been depressed everytime I look out at my pool area because the cold snap has killed just about everything. Today we uncovered the pool to clean it and I was checking out the gardens and lo and behold the dill was blooming! I got so excited I had to pick the bloom and then thought I need some more flowers to fill the vase. In the 5 years we have lived here in Florida I don't think I 've ever NOT been able to find plenty of flowers in my garden but was so unhappy this time to find not a one. Went to let our cat Sami out in the front yard and couldn't believe my eyes! Our beautiful pink azalea was blooming like crazy ... and the ferns along the front walkway were doing great as well. I filled my small vase and hope was restored... it is always springtime in Florida!!!

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