Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Sad Assignment

I haven't blogged lately because I was spending every waking (and not working at my two day a week job) minute completing my latest job. I was asked by the owner of one of the shops that carries my work to do 7 seashell encrusted boxes to hold the ashes of her beloved Dad. When she asked me to do this he was still alive but in hospice - then the day her and her Mom and sister came to my house to discuss the job their eyes looked really red and puffy and I knew he was gone.

Sitting for that 45 minutes or so and discussing what he loved - the ocean, pelicans and collecting sharks teeth on the beach - was really difficult for all of us. Having lost my little brother to a motorcycle accident years ago I know firsthand how sometimes sympathy given can cause your emotions to overflow when you least want them to so I was torn on whether to hug them or just be businesslike. We all got through it but as I worked on those boxes I couldn't help reflecting on just how lucky I am to still have both of my parents alive and well.

I'll attach a picture of one of the boxes - see if you can find the pelican and take a minute to tell someone you love how much they are appreciated.

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